Recover data from a dead Toshiba laptop

“My Toshiba hard drive crashed and died. I took it to a local shop to recover the data, but they were unable to get it. I really need this data back. It has a lot of important files. What can I do to recover data from dead Toshiba laptop hard drive? Please suggest.”

Before knowing the way of recovering dead Toshiba laptop data, let us see what are the reasons due to which this situation occurs –

File System Corruption – File System is the main component of any Operating System that helps in proper managing of all the files saved on a hard disk. But due to reasons like sudden system shutdown and virus infection, this file system might get corrupted. This leads to computer crash and your system will not boot.

Sudden System Shutdown – While working on your laptop, if it shuts down abruptly then this might leave your Toshiba laptop in a dead state. The dead laptop will not at all boot and you will lose access to all the data present on it.

Virus or Malware Attack – Serious virus infection on your Toshiba laptop is also a major reason for making the hard drive dead. Your laptop might get infected by the virus or malware through internet or when an already infected external drive is connected to it. Use a good quality anti-virus tool to avoid crash due to virus attacks.

Bad Sectors – Bad sectors are created when data is frequently saved or deleted from your Toshiba hard drive. When these bad sectors are increased then it might affect the entire hard drive and result in a crash.

Installing incompatible software – Every software has some pre-defined specifications which specify that which Operating System is compatible with it. If it is installed on an incompatible device or Operating System, then you might encounter Blue Screen of Death.

If your Toshiba laptop hard drive is dead due to any of the above mentioned reasons then make use of Toshiba hard drive recovery software to know how to recover data from a dead Toshiba laptop. This tool can restore over 300 types of files from your Toshiba laptop whether it is crashed or dead. Due to the tool’s advanced and powerful scanning engine, recovering dead Toshiba laptop data will be extremely simple and the recovery process will be finished within a matter of just few minutes, irrespective of the size of hard disk to be scanned. The tool is compatible with all the Windows OS versions like Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. All the Toshiba hard drives brands are also extremely compatible with this software. Click here to know more about Toshiba Satellite hard drive recovery. The software is available as a free demo version that can be downloaded from the links provided on this page. It also provides a preview option that helps in judging the tool’s performance. If the users are satisfied with the results then in order to save the recovered files, full version has to be purchased.

How to recover data from dead Toshiba laptop Hard Drive?

Step 1 – From the main screen select “Recover Drives” option

Recover Data from Dead Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive - Main Screen

Step 2 – Then select “Partition Recovery” option

Recover Data from Dead Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive - Select Partition Recovery

Step 3 – Now choose the dead Toshiba laptop hard drive and click next arrow button to proceed

Recover Data from Dead Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive - Select Drive

Step 4 – The tool will search for the data and will display in front of you

Recover Data from Dead Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive - Recovered Files

Step 5 – Preview the recovered data

Recover Data from Dead Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive - Preview Screen