Toshiba external HDD recovery

External hard drives are a great source for taking backup of important data. The best thing about them is that they are portable in nature and can be connected to any system which is having a USB port. But this advantage sometimes adds to disadvantages and result in device corruption which in turn leads to data loss. As, external hard drive will be having some very crucial data in the form of backup, therefore losing it can be a nightmare. With the introduction of recovery products, data loss is not a problem anymore. Toshiba external hard drive recovery tool is the best option when you are looking for recovery of deleted or lost data from external hard drives. The tool is capable to recover data from Toshiba external hard drive in following situations –

  1. Deletion – Deleting an important file instead of an unwanted file, is the most common data loss scenario. Deletion from an external hard drive is permanent as the files erased from there does not go to the Recycle Bin or Mac Trash; even if the deletion is performed using only the Delete button. Most of the users are unaware of this fact and lose their important data.
  2. Format – Formatting is yet another common data loss scenario but it is more devastating than deletion. Formatting can be accidental or intentional but the results are same i.e. a huge data loss.
  3. Abrupt ejection – Suppose you have connected your Toshiba external hard drive to your computer system. You start transferring data between both the devices. Suddenly the external hard drive gets disconnected and as a result you lose all the data from it. The resultant can be external hard drive corruption too.
  4. File System Corruption – Every device has a file system associated with it. If it gets corrupted due to abrupt ejection from a computer system or virus infection then you may lose access to all the data saved on it.
  5. Sudden system shutdown – Improper system shutdown might result in file system corruption which in turn might make your external hard drive as corrupt. Then the user will not be able to access any of the stored data.
  6. Malware Infection – If your Toshiba external hard drive gets infected with a serious malware infection then you might not be able to access its data. You may encounter errors like “Drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” The only option left in this case will be to accept the message and format the drive. But this will remove all the data present on your Toshiba external hard drive.

The data lost or deleted in any of the above mentioned data loss scenarios; Toshiba external HDD recovery tool will prove to be very helpful. It is developed by some of the industry experts and has a powerful scanning algorithm which can scan an entire external hard drive in just a matter of minutes. No matter what is the size of your Toshiba external hard drive, the tool can efficiently recover data from Toshiba external hard drive. It can also restore data from dead or crashed Toshiba laptops too. For more info, visit

To utilize the tool, just download the demo version of Toshiba external hard drive recovery tool and install it. Then follow the on-screen instructions to recover data from Toshiba external hard drive. For more clarity, go through the steps given below. All the screen are accompanied with their corresponding screenshots.

How to perform Toshiba external HDD recovery?

Step 1 – From the main screen, select “Recover Photos” option

Toshiba External Hard Drive Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2 – Then select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option

Toshiba External Hard Drive Recovery - Deleted / Lost Photos Recovery

Step 3 – Now choose the connected Toshiba external hard drive

Toshiba External Hard Drive Recovery - Select External Drive

Step 4 – After scanning the drive, all the recovered files will be displayed

Toshiba External Hard Drive Recovery - Recovered Files

Step 5 – Preview the files. Then save them after purchasing the full version

Toshiba External Hard Drive Recovery - Preview Screen